Account Management Tour


Manage permissions to control access to inventory records.

Account Holders – possess inventory sets (like a Principal Investigator)

Assign users to account holders to access inventory sets (like a technician).

Account Management Tour
Inventory Holdings Tour

Inventory Holdings

Configure inventory set field names – similar to unique column headers in a spreadsheet.

Box View

Box visualization for easy vial location and identification.

Clickable box wells – easily select a vial for modification.

Quick Graph – visualize box content.

Duplicate vial – create duplicates of the same vial for speedy data entry.

Box View Tour
Search Tour


Spreadsheet like search capability – search specific fields for information.


Summary Report – aggregates agent names, number of vials, and volume/amount across all boxes.

Spreadsheet Exporting – export inventory data for custom reporting.

Summary Report Tour
Auditing Tour


Data changes and transactions automatically captured.